No Brainer

Di was a wife and mother in her early 20’s when tragedy struck.  They were living in a coastal town in southern Australia where Di stayed at home with her young daughter and her husband worked to provide for their new family.  She was pregnant again at the time they discovered that her husband was gravely ill.  After only 6 months of surgery and hospital visits, he was gone.  Di was left alone with a 2-year-old and a newborn daughter now only 3 months old. 

For months they made the 3-hour journey to the larger hospital where her husband could receive the surgery and care that he needed.  Most of his time was spent in hospital, having 2 open heart surgeries and recovery.  From the day he fell ill they were on social welfare benefits as he was totally incapacitated for work and from normal daily life.  Money was tight.  

While their income was limited, they had reached out to their insurance advisor. They simply had to cut back on expenses, and his life insurance policy had to go.  Their advisor did his best to convince them not to cancel the policy, and even offered to pay the premiums himself.  He had seen this scenario before, and cancelling their policy was a financial disaster in the making.  He simply would not let them cancel the policy.  Di and her husband took their advisor’s advice and continued making their premium payments. For that bit of guidance, Di is forever grateful.

After a 6-month battle, her husband passed.  She now had 2 daughters to care for, a mortgage on their home, and a cranky car that constantly needed repairs. Her mom lived an hour away and of course invited her to return home with her daughters.  Di wanted to do it herself.  She did not want to raise her family within her mother’s house. 

Remember that insurance policy that they had struggled to continue paying for?  Her advisor brought her the cheque and at the time, Di was unemotional.  The money simply would not bring her husband back.  What it did allow her to do was maintain her independence.  It paid off the mortgage.  It bought her a better car.  It allowed her to provide for her daughters in their new reality.

Most of all, having the insurance money gave Di the chance to heal.  To grieve without having to worry about paying the bills, where to live, and how to get around.  To give her daughters a chance to grow up together.

Insurance advisors always talk about preparing for the unexpected things in life. Planning so that if something does happen your family will be able to carry on somehow without you.  Everyone always thinks that it can’t happen to them.  They will live a long life and this insurance policy is somehow money that might be better spent elsewhere.  Until it happens to them.  Can you even begin to imagine what’s Di’s life might have been like had there not been an insurance policy to help her?

Today, Di is a successful coach and entrepreneur on two continents. She is a mother, a grandmother and a partner. Her advice?  Life insurance is a ‘no brainer’.  That is the kind of advice that can only come from someone who has lived it.  

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