Compensation Policy

Prepared by:
Robert Dice - Licensed Life Insurance Broker in Ontario. License #15145257

Insurance Company Relationship
I am a licensed agent in the province of Ontario. I can offer you a range of insurance products including: Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Health, Travel, Segregated Funds, Annuities and Group Benefits from the insurance companies I am currently contracted with below:

BMO Insurance
Canada Protection Plan
Canada Life
Equitable Life
Humania Assurance
Manulife Financial
RBC Insurance
Industrial Alliance

Distributor Relationship
I am an independent licensed life insurance representative. I process my insurance related business to the insurance companies, through my MGA (managing general agency). My MGA is Bridgeforce Financial- Allan Wong & Associates

Life License and Continuing Education
In order to maintain my life license, I am required to meet mandatory continuing education. Where applicable, I meet these educational requirements through attendance at various seminars (both inperson and online) and industry meetings.

Other Distributor Relationships

Compensation – Monetary
Upon completion of insurance transactions, I will be paid compensation in form of a commission which is generally based on a percentage of premiums paid. I am paid by the insurance companies for my work. A client will never pay me for my services.

Compensation – Non-Monetary
I may be eligible for additional non-monetary compensation such as attendance at conferences based on insurance company suppliers and volume of my sales with them.

Conflicts of Interest
I am required to declare any interest that may prevent me from offering impartial advice. I will notify you immediately if there is a conflict of which I become aware with regards to my services. If these exist, they will be state up front before any transactions are started.

Collection of Information
I will, from time to time collect financial and other information about you. This information includes transaction-related details arising from your relationship with or through me. I may obtain this information from a variety of sources, including your own records with me, from transactions you have made with or through me, from credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions, and from references you have provided to me.

Use of Information and Access to Information
You authorize me to collect and maintain this information when you apply for an insurance product or service, and during the course of our relationship in order to administer the insurance product or service for which you have applied and to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations. For these purposes we will share your information with the third party service providers and insurers to whom you are applying for all insurance products or services.

Additional Business
You are not required to transact additional or other business with me as a condition of any transaction.