Group Health Benefits

They are a promise. A promise from an employer to their employees that says; ‘you are family and we have you covered.’

ProtectionCoverage in the Workplace

In today's competitive employment landscape, you need to be able to attract, reward, and retain those quality employees, who help make your business a success. A great benefits plan helps to position your business as a place, where the best people want to work.
"I have worked closely with Rob Dice on employee benefits cases for over two years. He came highly recommended when I was looking for a partner on a major initiative. I was not disappointed.

Rob’s knowledge and experience in the industry meshes well with his attention to detail and customer service oriented approach to the business. His pleasant and personable demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. I would certainly recommend him to any prospective client. I am confident that they would be I good hands."
~ Neil Iddon ~
Director, Associum Benefits


Today’s group health benefits plans take on many different forms. They reflect the philosophy of your business, and the way you want your people to be taken care of. Whether it’s;

A traditional defined plan
A Health Care Spending Account
ASO (Administrative Services Only)

There is a plan for every company. Not every plan fits every company, and not every benefits provider has a plan for every situation. That’s where I can help you design the plan that fits your needs, and reflects how you do business.

Today's employer wants a plan that reflects the culture of their business. For example; a commission based sales force uses a Health Care Spending Account plan that is based on a % of their sales.

Plan flexibility? Of course. As an employer, you have many different people, with many different needs working with you. What a 25 year old single female may want from a benefits plan is far different than a married male of 48 with a family. A single tiered defined plan may not be the best solution for your needs.

Start planning for your children's future today.

Let’s have a conversation. Decide what’s important. Look at how to get the most value from the plan. Then monitor it, update it, and stay on top of how the plan is performing for you, and prevent any ‘surprises’ at renewal time.