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I help clients with RRSP, TFSA, RESP, and life insurance as investment options. As I am a life insurance professional, my investment options are with what is known as 'segregated funds'.

A 'Seg' fund is a pool of assets that is held by an insurance company that is separated from their other assets.
Insurance companies have different funds within that address a clients' long term goals and risk tolerance.

Seg fund investments can be quite complicated, and here's what you need to know; The benefit of a segregated fund is that when done correctly, you'll never lose your initial investment, or your premiums, and it will remain protected from creditors. A segregated fund comes with a contract called an Independently Variable Insurance Contract (IVIC). This contract provides the client with the right to buy the investment. There are varying levels of guarantees that can be built into the plan.

Plan For The Future

Your Children's Future

We all want our children to succeed, and we are willing to help them in pretty much any way we can. However, how can you plan for a child’s future when you have no idea what their needs will be in 10, 15, 20, or more years in the future? Are you planning for education? Do you want to help them secure equity that can be used at anytime during their life without restriction? Do you want them to never have to think about life insurance ever in their lifetime, and have a plan that can be passed along tax free for 4 generations? You have options depending on what you want to build wealth for, and what your budget and timeline is.

The RESP plan may be a great choice if you are wanting to plan only for education. There are government grants and incentives that can enhance the plan, however as it is a government plan, there are rules and regulations about how the plan is used and where the savings can be applied. You can use a segregated fund as an RESP, however it is important to begin the plan before the child is eight or nine years old so that the full maturity guarantee will be effective at the time the child is ready for post-secondary education. The benefit of using a seg fund to save for post-secondary education is the ability to earn larger returns while being protected from loss of the investment portion, just as they are for anyone buying a segregated fund.

If you are wanting to give your child a lifetime of growth in a plan that can be used for absolutely any purpose, and provide life insurance coverage that grows over time, then a Participating Whole Life insurance plan may be the best option. As a parent, you do have options. It’s a matter of having all the pros and cons explained so that the plan you choose will get you and your child where you want them to be.

Insurance for your future

A Whole Life insurance policy can be an option for someone who wants to secure their own pension. Let’s face it, as time goes on, it’s up to each of us to make sure that we have the funds we need for our retirement. Whether you are an individual planning for yourself or a business owner, there are ways of using an insurance policy to help with your retirement needs, and create a tax free income in the future. In the end, it’s not how much you make, rather it’s how much you keep. Let’s find ways of helping you keep more of what you worked so hard to earn.

How can you save for your children's future?

Watch the video.

Rob Dice is NICE! My husband and I met with Rob because we wanted to put something in place for our grandchildren. Rob took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns and did not put any pressure on us to decide right away. We both missed out setting up our children for their time at post-secondary education and young adulthood. With Rob’s help we have been able to establish a plan that will leave our grandchildren with a financial future and it won’t break the bank, especially if you start when they are young. Thank you, Rob, you were a pleasure to work with and you made everything so simple.

Bonnie Lambert


Life insurance can be used to provide not only life insurance protection; certain types of policies grow equity that you can use for an unlimited number of purposes. Whole life policies can be used in situations where a client wants long term insurance protection in a plan, and much like a mortgage on your home, once the mortgage is paid for, you not only own the plan, your insurance plan continues to grow in equity even though you have finished paying for it.

Many clients with this particular type of policy and have been able to utilize the plan growth to self-fund any number of different needs. This type of plan is what I share with parents looking for an investment for their children that will offer them not only life coverage, but a plan that will grow tax free for the child's life, and offer them equity that they can use for life's milestones (like education, help with buying a home, starting a business, etc.).

Start planning for your children's future today.

Let’s have a conversation. Decide what’s important. Look at how to get the most value from the plan. Then monitor it, update it, and stay on top of how the plan is performing for you, and prevent any ‘surprises’ at renewal time.